Spinlab Associates

  • Jonathan Cheng
  • For his Ph.D. work, Jonathan Cheng has carried out rotating convection experiments in tall tanks of water in order to test asymptotic scaling arguments relevant to planetary core dynamics. In addition, he led the design of our new experimental device NoMag.
  • Ernest Gomis
  • Ernest is working on a kinematically-reversible Couette flow model using magnetohydrodynamics.
  • Alex Grannan
  • For his Ph.D. work, Alex Grannan has acquired the first particle image velocimetry (PIV) measurements of librationally-driven turbulence. This work was carried out in collaboration with Michael Le Bars (Marseilles). Alex has subsequently been awarded a 2014 Chateaubriand Fellowship to work further with Michael. Afterwards, Alex will apply his PIV methods to the NoMag experiment to quantify velocity, vorticity and helicity fields in rapidly rotating turbulent convection.
  • Jerome Noir
  • As a postdoctoral researcher in the lab, Jerome Noir was a key developer of the RoMag and libration experimental devices. Using the libration device, he carried out a series of studies relevant to our understanding of subsurface fluid dynamics on librating planetary bodies. He went on to conduct research in the Geomagnetism group at ETH Zurich.
  • http://www.epm.ethz.ch/
  • http://www.epm.ethz.ch/research/experimental_studies/exp_lib
  • Peter Shimer
  • As an undergraduate, Peter Shimer developed a number of demonstration experiments using Labview for ESS71 (Spring 2012). His laboratory analog model of a transiting exoplanet was given the 2013 College Engineering Technology Award by the Vernier Corporation. Peter went on to study structural geology at CSULB.
  • http://www.vernier.com/grants/engineering/2013-winners/
  • Afshin Yaghmaei
  • Engineer Afshin Yaghmaei did the electromechanical debugging on many of the essential systems on the RoMag device, including the re-design and fabrication of a number of sub-systems. He now teaches mathematics in Orange County, CA.


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